Traditional Art in a Modern Setting 

Blackbrook Gallery’s wide range of traditional 19th Century primitive animal paintings make an interesting and engaging addition to any space within your home.

Established in 1989, Jon and Pat Stanley combined their passion and knowledge for farming and avid interest in Art to set up Blackbrook Gallery.

Blackbrook Gallery - members of the UK’s largest trade association of Professional Art & Antiques Dealers (LAPADA) - have a variety of naive, oil on canvas paintings that can add history and a captivating visual element to any room. Painted by well-known artists such as; John Vine, William Albert Clark, Thomas Weaver and A.M Gauchi, there will be a piece of art suitably fitted to your style and preference.

Combined with a modern interior or decor, Blackbrook’s collection of primitive art can stand out as a statement piece as well as creating an appealing juxtaposition of centuries within your home. With mix and match interiors becoming an increasingly popular trend - not just in the UK, but Worldwide, - Blackbrook’s naive farm animal paintings can be incorporated into some of the most modern interiors to create a unique (and on trend!) space within your home.  

Within a modern house or contemporary room, colours can often be minimal or limited to allow the furnishings, artwork and accessories to bring a room together. With this in mind, traditional art can be an excellent addition to your room - complementing the chosen colours within the space and helping to set a specific tone for your room. They can show your personality and personal interests through an interesting piece of primitive art.