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  1. Two King Charles Spaniels Painting

    Two King Charles Spaniels

    Oil on board 13.5 X 17 inches English School Circa 1820 Artist: Painting id: 395

  2. Adorable Duo Painting

    Adorable Duo

    19.5 X 23 inches. Signed Horatio H. Couldery (1832-1893) Artist: Horatio H. Couldery Painting id: 376

  3. Hereford Steer Painting

    Hereford Steer

    Oil on canvas 23 X 19 inches Signed & dated W.H.Davies 1820 Artist: W.H.Davies Painting id: 368

  4. A Red Ayrshire Ox Painting

    A Red Ayrshire Ox

    Oil on canvas 23 X 17 inches Signed and dated James Howe 1829 Inscribed 'Ox of the Ayrshire Breed, bred at Castle Menzies, exhibited Perth at the H'd Society Competition, Weight 113 stone.' Artist: James Howe Painting id: 364