SAWREY GILPIN (1760 - 1826)

Sawrey Gilpin was an English animal painter, illustrator, and etcher who specialised in paintings of horses and dogs. He was made a Royal Academician. Many of his pictures of horses, dogs, and sporting scenes were engraved, notably 'The Death of the Fox' (Royal Academy, 1788), engraved by John Scott (1774–1827); and 'Heron-Hawking' (Society of Artists, 1780), engraved by Thomas Morris (fl. 1780-1800). He also made some etchings of horses and cattle, and contributed numerous drawings for the illustration of his brother's (the Rev. W. Gilpin) published and unpublished works. His portrait is in the series of drawings by George Dance (1741–1821), engraved by William Daniell, and now in the National Portrait Gallery.

Some paintings by Artist Sawrey Gilpin include:

Sawrey Gilpin | 19th Century Naive Animal Art
Furiband with his Owner, Sir Harry Harpur, and a Groom- 1774


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