JAMES WARD (1769 - 1859)

James Ward, R.A is a major animal, historical and sporting painter also a mezzotint engraver. Appointed painter & engraver to the Prince of Wales. He received his first commission from Sir John Sinclair, Lord Somerville & the Agricultural Society for whom he produced no fewer than 200 portraits of representative breeds of cattle, sheep and pigs in Great Britain, which were later going to be published by Josiah Boydell.

Unfortunately Boydell went bankrupt and the project collapsed. Another early patron was Sir John Fleming Leicester, later 1st Baron Tably, a famous collector of old masters but who also ‘bought British’. Ward was elected R.A in 1811.

Some paintings by Artist James Ward include:

James Ward | 19th Century Animal Portrait James Ward | Naive Style Animal Painting
Portrait of a Devon Cow Portrait of a Devon Fat Heifer


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