HENRY BARRAUD (1811 - 1874)

Henry Barraud was an English portrait, subject and animal painter. Henry excelled in painting animals, but his works were chiefly portraits, with horses and dogs, and subject pictures, such as 'The Pope blessing the Animals' (painted in 1842), many of which were executed in conjunction with his brother.

He exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1833 to 1859, and at the British Institution and Society of British Artists between the years 1831 and 1868. 

The two brothers shared a studio from 1835 until William's death in 1850, and in their joint pictures William painted the animals and Henry the figures.

Some paintings by Artist Henry Barraud include:

Henry Barraud | 19th Century Horse Painting Henry Barraud | Naive Animal Painting
Sweetsauce with J Charlton Up -1860 A Bay and a Chestnut Hunter with 
Dogs in a Courtyard


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