Born in 1830, Edwin Frederick Holt grew up in Hampstead and went on to spend the majority of his adult life in Dunstable.

Edwin began his artistic career by studying at the Royal Academy of Art where he went on to win a Silver medal for his work at the age of 24. From this point on, his work continued to get recognised and many of his pieces were entered into exhibitions. In total, Edwin Frederick Holt exhibited 7 paintings at the RoyalAcademy, 12 at the British Institution and 40 at the Royal Society of Arts. 

Alongside his exhibitions, Edwin Frederick Holt also illustrated in "Farm Animal Portraits" on page 219 during his career.

Some paintings by Artist Edwin Frederick Holt include:

Edwin Frederick Holt, Suffolk Sheep Naive Painting
The Marquis of Bristol's prize winning Suffolk sheep - 1887


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