DANIEL CLOWES (1774 - 1829)

Daniel Clowes lived and worked in Chester for most of his life where he painted the Egerton’s of DultonPark, the Stanley’s of Hooton Hall, the Vaughan’s of Nannall and the Grosvenor’s of Eaton Hall. Daniel concentrated mainly on sporting subjects including famous racehorses, shooting scenes and hunt scenes representing the Anglesey, the Fitzwilliam and the Pytchley.

Some naïve art by Artist Daniel Clowes includes:

Daniel Clowes | Naive Animal Painting Daniel Clowes | 19th Century Naive Animal Art Daniel Clowes | Animal Painting of 2 Horses

A bay hunter in an extensive landscape

"Eclipse" with Jockey and Groom 

A pair of hunters held by a groom, with a Newfoundland dog, by a lake


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